The Hive started from a desire to purify the products that touch our skin on a daily basis. There are so many chemicals and harmful ingredients in over the counter soaps, deodorants, lip balms, lotions etc. Just bad and nasty things that none of us should be in contact with.

Knowing about all this nasty stuff made us want to not only make sure that we were no longer coming in contact with these ingredients but also educating our friends and family about the harmful side effects that can be attributed to using these products that contain ingredients such as sulfates, phthalates, aluminum and parabens. All of these ingredients have been linked to minor skin irritations all the way to various forms of cancer. 

It all started pretty small and never with the intention to make these for others, I just wanted to purify my home and rid us of the nastiness that were in over-the-counter products. Then I did more and more research and The Hive Botanicals was born. I decided why should myself and my husband be the only ones to get the benefits of these awesome soaps I was creating? Why not share these with the world.

I love making up new "flavors" of soaps. My mother always corrects me when I call her to tell her of a new one, "Trisha..don't you mean "scent"?" I guess my love of baking shows through that I correlate scent to flavor. I like it my way, so to me they are all my flavors and I am constantly thinking and dreaming up new flavor combinations.

We make small, quality controlled batches, through a traditional process used for centuries. Our soaps will make you "squeaky clean". You can feel good about using our products as we do not hide any ingredients and there are no words you can not pronounce on the labels. Everything is natural and handmade. Just good stuff. 

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