May 27, 2013

making way for the new..

We have decided to discontinue two of our current flavors - Lemon Poppyseed and Creamsicle

Smells just a Creamsicle Popsicle, you'll think there is going to be a vanilla ice cream center! 

Lemon and benzoin essential oils are combined with the exfoliating power of organic poppy seeds. Very light lemon and vanilla scent.

Prices have been dropped, get these bars now for $5 until they are sold out! 

May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Sale

Head on over to THE SHOP to get 15% off your order over $10.

Use discount code "MEMORIALDAY15"

May 21, 2013

you asked, I listened... on the curing shelf...

I love being open to new ideas, new scents, new combinations that I may not have thought of. So I would like to bring you a new segment - "you asked. I listened".

While I cannot guarantee that I will be able to make every request, the ones that I feel have a large audience appeal or certain combinations that have been asked for numerous times by multiple different people - I'll give them a whirl and test em out.

Recently with the start of the farmer's market, I have been asked several times for Patchouli soap. The scent is not for me, but too many of you were asking and saying how hard it is to find. So because I love you all- I obliged to your wants and desires, put a pin on my nose, and made up a batch of Patchouli soap. I think I will lovingly name it, "the stinky hippie".  Thank you all for making my house smell of Patchouli! (please note sarcasm)

The second soap I get asked for all the time is an oatmeal soap. I did have an oatmeal soap last winter, but it was a disaster. The oatmeal was extremely rough and it just was not a pleasant soap. So again, because of multiple requests I came up with a new oatmeal soap.

This one has soft, organic oats and the scent is lavender and peru balsam (smells a lot like vanilla). I then added just a touch of alkenet root to give it a very faint purple hue.

Both of these soaps will be available for purchase in 4 weeks (June 15th).

Are there any combinations you are dying for me to try or think will be the "next big hit"? Let me know, if I get enough requests or think its a winner - you just may see your soap here!

May 13, 2013

The Grits

Welcome to the Grits. I've been working on a few more "grits" to add to my gritty/ scrubbie line. Currently for sale I have a mechanics grit, my mister swears by it. He works on motorcycles and gets all greasy and grimy. He used to have to use that orange pumice soap that has who knows how many chemicals in it. He'd always complain afterward how gross and how dry his hands felt after washing them with that stuff. So my first mission was to create a gritty soap that would take off grease. Mission accomplished. He loves it, and I have artists and other mechanics that also swear by it as well. He is always amazed at how clean it gets his hands, but leaves them completely moisturized.

So then we started thinking and thought up our "garden grit". We are always out in our garden getting our hands in the dirt and we are friends with lots of it was only a matter of time before this soap was born. You will be able to get it starting this weekend, label production is currently underway.

The third grit that is being added to the line is "kitchen grit". This one is still a work-in-progress and won't be available for a minimum of four more weeks. It's a coffee soap, with coffee grinds that should remove any kitchen smells (garlic, onions, peppers etc) I'm really excited to be able to test it out. Currently it's unscented (only has a very slight scent of coffee) , but I may change that. If you had a soap just for your kitchen, what scent would you want it to be?

Check back to be notified when the Garden Grit goes up for sale, you never know, there may be a discount code to go along with it!

Happy Monday!

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