August 13, 2013

PETA and The Hive

PETA has always been one of those organizations that I admired and stood behind regarding their stance on no animal testing (among some of their other stances). I remember being in high school and having the pocket sized, cruelty-free pocket guide in my wallet. Taking it out and looking up everything I purchased. Never did I expect that I would someday own a company that would grace the pages of that little pint sized travel guide, as well as listed on their website!

Yes! You heard me right!! I have gone through the certification to get all my products, and company certified and licensed by PETA. I am now a proud member in the "Beauty Without Bunnies" program!!!!

Over the next few weeks you will start seeing a change to some of our packaging and also in our Etsy shop to share and spread the word that our products are cruelty free, and many also vegan. 

Some packaging won't change immediately because of large investments that have already been in the current labels. But you can be assured that once they have run out, new labels proudly displaying our new certification will be ordered.


This is a really big deal for us over here at The Hive and I just wanted to share with all of you this awesome news. 

August 3, 2013

Son of a Bee balm giveaway!

My tattoo balm is up and for sale in the shop!

Son of a Bee™ Balm is an all natural blend of antioxidants to sooth your healing skin. Created as an alternative to petroleum-based jellies and lotions that are currently on the market for tattoo aftercare.

But it can also be used on:

• Red as a lobster sunburns,
• Grabbing a hot pan off the stove without a mit, kitchen burns
• Falling off your bike scrapes (which equates to the I'm a clutz, scrapes)
• Torturous winter cracked fingertips and heals
• Frankly anything else that has you utter "Son of a B" that could use some soothing

So, you want to get in on some of the all natural best balm on the market? Head on over to Amanda's blog and enter away!

There is also going to be another giveaway in the upcoming week as well on another blogger friend's site. So keep your eyes peeled to get your hands on some free goodies!

July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of july!

Hope your July 4th looks a little something like this. A cookout with some friends and family..followed by an evening of fireworks. 

Then head on over to The Hive for some holiday sales!

Shop now through Sunday and all orders over 10$ will be 20% off using code "FIREWORKS". 

Spend $20 or more and receive a free watermelon lip balm. Because I don't know about you, but watermelon is always a July 4th staple!

June 28, 2013

Grab Bag Love

My lip balms can now be found in Grab Bag Love!

I was extremely delighted when Jamie (owner of the company) wanted my lip balms to be part of her Original grab bags.

Are you familiar with subscription boxes? 

I actually really didn't know too much about them until one of my friends was raving about a popular online subscription box. I went on a search researching different boxes available and reached out to many. One of the boxes I am currently featured in is Grab Bag Love (and personally one of my favorites) I love that the items are all from smaller start up companies and handcrafted Etsy shops.

Jamie is a real doll to work with as well. She currently offers three different types of bags: Original, Domesticated and Health Nut. 

Original: "Inside the Original Grab Bag (Love) you'll find an assortment of amazing goods, from cosmetics, skincare products, fashion accessories, chic stationary products, gourmet chocolates and more!" - ***This is where you can find The Hive Botanicals lip balms

Domesticated: "Just because some people think cooking and cleaning is work doesn't mean you can't find it fun. Enjoy an assortment of products and projects to keep your home and garden organized, clean and lets face it, awesome!"

Health Nut: Experience the latest health food products, from nutrition bars and organic treats to natural supplements. This bag is a great choice for any Whole Foods lover!
New Bonus: In addition to yummy products we now also include a print out of our favorite healthy recipe we've discovered. "

Here is a little peak inside one of the original bags recently shipped.

So back to my friend that originally spoke to me about this whole new world of grab bags. Because I was telling her about Grab Bag Love, she immediately went out and ordered one. It arrived earlier this week and included one of my cherry lip balms along with many other amazing products. She was so excited and texting me pictures of all the goodies.

So if you are in the market for a grab bag of awesome goodies head on over, you might just get one of my lip balms!

June 18, 2013

Spotlight: New Patchouli and Lavender Oatmeal

You asked for it..I listened. The Patchouli soap is finally up in the shop and ready to be shipped to all you Patchouli lovers out there! It was a huge hit at the market this past weekend and think it is definitely here to stay. 

It's not overpowering, it's a lighter, milder version of walking into a hippie shop! haha (just kidding!) But people are loving it, get it while I still have stock!

Lavender..vanilla (peru balsalm)..and oatmeal..yes please! I am smitten with this soap. It is so calming and reminds me of a spa. It was another big hit this past weekend at the Farmer's market and definitely another keeper and instant favorite of mine.

I don't think these will last on the shelves long, get em while you can!

June 10, 2013

Spotlight: NEW - Garden Grit

I've finally added the garden grit over in the shop. It's amazing as we have been using it after playing in the dirt in our gardens. 

The scent is a mild combination of rosemary, bergamot, and sweet orange. It has the scrubbing power of pumice stones and organic poppy seeds. You couldn't ask for a better garden soap, gets your hands super clean without drying them out like the harsh over-the-counter soaps.

Know a gardener? Pick up a bar, they will love you for it!

May 27, 2013

making way for the new..

We have decided to discontinue two of our current flavors - Lemon Poppyseed and Creamsicle

Smells just a Creamsicle Popsicle, you'll think there is going to be a vanilla ice cream center! 

Lemon and benzoin essential oils are combined with the exfoliating power of organic poppy seeds. Very light lemon and vanilla scent.

Prices have been dropped, get these bars now for $5 until they are sold out! 

May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Sale

Head on over to THE SHOP to get 15% off your order over $10.

Use discount code "MEMORIALDAY15"

May 21, 2013

you asked, I listened... on the curing shelf...

I love being open to new ideas, new scents, new combinations that I may not have thought of. So I would like to bring you a new segment - "you asked. I listened".

While I cannot guarantee that I will be able to make every request, the ones that I feel have a large audience appeal or certain combinations that have been asked for numerous times by multiple different people - I'll give them a whirl and test em out.

Recently with the start of the farmer's market, I have been asked several times for Patchouli soap. The scent is not for me, but too many of you were asking and saying how hard it is to find. So because I love you all- I obliged to your wants and desires, put a pin on my nose, and made up a batch of Patchouli soap. I think I will lovingly name it, "the stinky hippie".  Thank you all for making my house smell of Patchouli! (please note sarcasm)

The second soap I get asked for all the time is an oatmeal soap. I did have an oatmeal soap last winter, but it was a disaster. The oatmeal was extremely rough and it just was not a pleasant soap. So again, because of multiple requests I came up with a new oatmeal soap.

This one has soft, organic oats and the scent is lavender and peru balsam (smells a lot like vanilla). I then added just a touch of alkenet root to give it a very faint purple hue.

Both of these soaps will be available for purchase in 4 weeks (June 15th).

Are there any combinations you are dying for me to try or think will be the "next big hit"? Let me know, if I get enough requests or think its a winner - you just may see your soap here!

May 13, 2013

The Grits

Welcome to the Grits. I've been working on a few more "grits" to add to my gritty/ scrubbie line. Currently for sale I have a mechanics grit, my mister swears by it. He works on motorcycles and gets all greasy and grimy. He used to have to use that orange pumice soap that has who knows how many chemicals in it. He'd always complain afterward how gross and how dry his hands felt after washing them with that stuff. So my first mission was to create a gritty soap that would take off grease. Mission accomplished. He loves it, and I have artists and other mechanics that also swear by it as well. He is always amazed at how clean it gets his hands, but leaves them completely moisturized.

So then we started thinking and thought up our "garden grit". We are always out in our garden getting our hands in the dirt and we are friends with lots of it was only a matter of time before this soap was born. You will be able to get it starting this weekend, label production is currently underway.

The third grit that is being added to the line is "kitchen grit". This one is still a work-in-progress and won't be available for a minimum of four more weeks. It's a coffee soap, with coffee grinds that should remove any kitchen smells (garlic, onions, peppers etc) I'm really excited to be able to test it out. Currently it's unscented (only has a very slight scent of coffee) , but I may change that. If you had a soap just for your kitchen, what scent would you want it to be?

Check back to be notified when the Garden Grit goes up for sale, you never know, there may be a discount code to go along with it!

Happy Monday!

April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013

Happy Earth Day. I love that there is an "Earth Day", even though I believe everyday is Earth day. I remember growing up in grade school and planting a tree each Earth day. This year I have a goal a little larger than planting one tree, and would like your help. I would like to donate to the canopy project.

"The Canopy Project plants trees that help communities - especially the world's impoverished communities - sustain themselves and their local economies. Trees reverse the impacts of land degradation and provide food, energy and income, helping communities to achieve long-term economic and environmental sustainability. Trees also filter the air and help stave off the effects of climate change. That's why, earlier this the year, Earth Day Network made a commitment with the Global Poverty Project to plant 10 million trees over the next five years in impoverished areas of the world.
Our campaign to defend critical forests has just begun and your support is key to our success. Today, for every $1 you donate, we will plant trees where they are most needed - in areas such as Haiti, Uganda, Brazil, Mexico and urban areas in the U.S. "
So today through the end of the month, each sale made at The Hive I will donate $1 for every $10 in sales. My goal is to be able to donate $100, or 100 trees.
Have you been eyeing something special? Use Canopy10 to get 10% off orders over $10. 
What do you have to loose?! You get awesome organic goodness, 10% off AND you will also be helping plant trees all over the world! What do you say? 
Please spread the word and help me accomplish this lofty goal.

April 9, 2013

vote for us..

Supporting local and/or small businesses is my moto. My husband and I feed ourselves by supporting our local farms through our Farmer's Markets, feed our dogs by supporting our locally owned pet shop, shop via handmade outlets (Etsy, local markets, antique shops, mom and pop shops) and dine out at independently owned restaurants, who also support our local economy. 

I see change on the horizon. So many more people are living their lives the way we do and it makes me feel awesome to know, that not everyone wants "the cheapest" and runs to their huge big-box store. Many people and saying no to that lifestyle and saying, Let's support the little guy.

So I'm asking for your help. I need your votes. You can vote one time each day from now until May 12th. They are going to pick the top 15, and award them with $5,000 to help toward their business goals. $5,000 could bring a lot of change to this business and bring it to the next level. I'd love your help in trying to get there.

Support the little guy!

April 8, 2013

and the winner is...


Thank you to everyone that entered and be sure to now start following The Hive for great discounts and more giveaways in the future!

Congrats again, Amanda! (Check your email, I sent you info needed this am)

April 6, 2013

One day left...

Only one day left to get your last minute entries in!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I began this giveaway prior to me launching this blog. You can always check out my personal blog for more about myself and my family at -

April 5, 2013

The Launching

Today is a really exciting day for us here at The Hive. Today we launch our own blog as well as our rep referral program!

After months of deliberation and toying with wanting The Hive to have it's own 'personal' blog, I have decided to put it altogether and get this party started. I'm sure over the upcoming weeks there may be some tweaks in the layout, but my vision is to keep it crisp and clean and to focus on our products - not on fancy-dancy bloginess. 

My goal with this blog is to have a place to share all the on goings and behind the scenes of The Hive. A place to promote sales and giveaways, but also focus on the business and be able to showcase different products and give our loyal lovers of organic goodness a place to see whats new prior to it being released in my shop. (soon to be shops, more on that soon!)

Another awesome launch (which I let out of the bag yesterday on my personal blog) is our new referral program. What does this mean for you all?! That now, just by spreading the word of how awesome our products are (I may be a little bias here) YOU can now earn FREE products and gift certificates! Go check it out!

To celebrate the launch of the site, save 15% off any purchase of $10 or more with code launch15! This offer is valid now through April 19th. 

Follow my blog with Bloglovin or find me on Twitter so that you don't miss out on any updates!
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